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mastering on print on demand business

Get Success in PRINT ON DEMAND with SM BELAL As Your PRINT ON DEMAND Mentor All 7 Exclusive Modules + RESOURSES

  • SM Belal As Your Print On Demand Mentor ($499)
  • The Facebook Godfather Training All Videos ($499)
  • TeeSamurai 6 Months Membership with full Support+ 30 design/month total 180 design ($1800)
  • Extra new salable 50 High Quality Design ($499)
  • Over the shoulder 5 Niche Targeting Live ($249)
  • Facebook Ads Result Support ($299)
  • Product design scaling techniques ($99)
  • High Quality Print On Demand Mock-Up ($49)

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Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

Direct Access To SM Belal As Your Print On Demand Mentor

– SM Belal personally answers every single question for his TeeSamurai Members on his secret Facebook Group

– Get access to the TeeSamurai Secret Facebook Group for full support

– Mentoring and get direct attention from SM Belal that is why this program is so successful

– See what others members are struggling with, join in great conversations, and networking with others

The Facebook Godfather Training All Videos

– World class training on mastering Facebook Ads for Print On Demand

– Step by step training from Beginner to Pro.

TeeSamurai 6 months membership with full Support

– 10 salable print on demand design every month ( 6 months = 60 designs )

– 10 Targeting idea every month ( 6 months = 60 targeting )

50 High Quality Print On Demand Design

– High quality salable design

– Evergreen design that can gain 1000 of sales each

– Not saturated designs

Over The Shoulders 5 Niche Targeting Live

– 5 Niche Targeting Live: Here I will show you my exact targeting techniques that i used to create  Facebook ads for my personal print on demand business.

Product Design Scaling Techniques

– Here I will show you exactly how to scale through design- You will get a proper idea for generating new design idea

High Quality Print On Demand Mock-Up

– Here you will get High Quality mock-ups for those TeeSamurai Designs

Facebook Ads Result Support

– Full support of showing Facebook ads result for these Teesamurai Designs

TeeSamurai Student’s Success Story…

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 4Screenshot 3Screenshot 6Screenshot 5Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4


sm belal

Hi! This is S.M. Belal a marketing professional. I have been working as a full-time digital marketer for last 10 years, I have a digital marketing agency Texort and working with an American e-commerce platform Gearlaunch as a Country Manager.I started my journey as a freelance internet marketer in freelance marketplaces. Then I expanded my online marketing service through my agency. One of my key focus areas is Print On Demand. I consulted on online Personal Branding that grows and protects strong online reputation to my clients that have led to developed new business for them as well as their organizations. I love to play with traffic especially Facebook Ad. I create ad funnels for my clients, developing ad strategies, and set up the marketing planning in different advertising network especially Facebook. My goal is to provide the best outcome with the lowest budget. I used to mentor thousands of digital business owner to increase their sale, get better ROI, and generate product idea.

If You Are Ready To Change Your Life And Finally See Results From Your Business This Is Exactly For You

Includes All 7 Courses + S.M BELAL As Your Mentor. Offer Expires Soon.


 Video on How to Work With Copyright Design Without Copyright Violation ($99)

You’re Just One Winning Product Away From Changing Your Life

T-shirt mocup 3 for blogT-shirt mocup 2 for blogT-shirt mocup 1 for blog


Lack of Idea Generation About Design

In Teesamurai we do all the research and Idea Generation. You just need to grab the design and put them on your ads and make money.

Lack of Advertisement Knowledge

In Facebook Godfather you will get Step by step Facebook Ads training from Beginner to Pro. Then you will get the proper direction of targeting the right design to the right audience.

Facebook Ads MonitoringIn Teesamurai Secret Facebook Group

In TeeSamurai secret facebook group we will monitor your ads and result. So your chances of winning is very high.

Godfather Students success story…

One of my teesamurai members reached $1000 milestone today.He lives on a tiny island where barely electricity and internet available. Apart from his daily job he can provide only 3 hours in a day for internet marketing. Mostly works on free traffic method and learning paid ads nowadays.

A lot of obstacles cant stop him. If you WANT to do it, You CAN do it.


One of my students able to sale a single campaign in 100 units first time in his life. He was very hardworking and dedicating in his learning period. Followed every single word of mine, applied different strategies for scaling.He was not good at designing so I gave him few designs from my firm Texort. Funny thing is, same design is given to several students but all of them are not action takers. Success depends on your action and effort.Profit more than $1300 from this single campaign.

3 1

In my last POD session, I shared few tips about retargeting and here is the result of one attendee. He tried one of his old designs in my way and got few sales within 48 hours. It’s kinda free money as he already leaves those designs.Here is the secret, if you cant retarget properly you left money on the table.

4 1Screenshot 33

One of the members of my Facebook godfather group. He started his journey with $200 now per day spending is $100.


Includes All 7 Courses + S M Belal As Your Mentor. Offer Expires Soon.

Everything You Need To be Master in This Business

Is Inside This Program

Frequently Asked Questions

১. ডিজাইন গুলো কি সেলেবল ?

উত্তরঃ অবশ্যই , প্রিন্ট অন ডিমান্ডের আমার ৪ বছরের অভিজ্ঞতা থেকে এবং মার্কেট রিসার্চ করে  Proven ডিজাইন গুলো দেয়া হবে।

২. ডিজাইন গুলো কি স্যাচুরেটেড?

উত্তরঃ ডিজাইন গুলো Proven কিন্তু স্যাচুরেটেড না।

৩. টিসামুরাই এর ৬ মাস কিভাবে কাউন্ট হবে?

উত্তরঃ আপনি যেই মাসে জয়েন করবেন ওই মাস থেকে আপনার ৬ মাস কাউন্ট হবে।

৪. এই ৬ মাসে আমি কয়টা ডিজাইন পাবো?

উত্তরঃ প্রতি মাসে 30 টি করে ৬ মাসে  মোট 180 টি ডিজাইন  এবং 180 টি টার্গেটিং পাবেন ।

৫. প্রিমিয়াম যেই ৫০ টি ডিজাইন এর কথা বলা আছে সেগুলো কি এই 180 টি ডিজাইনের অন্তর্ভুক্ত?

উত্তরঃ না, এগুলো সম্পূর্ণ আলাদা, প্রিমিয়াম কোয়ালিটি ডিজাইন যেটা আপনি জয়েন করার পরেই পেয়ে যাবেন।

৬. অ্যাড টার্গেটিং এর সময় কি টার্গেটিং এর পেজ গুলো বলে দেয়া হবে?

উত্তরঃ পেজগুলো বলে দেয়া হবেনা, আপনাকে টার্গেটিং এর আইডিয়া বলে দেয়া হবে। আপনি গডফাদারের ভিডিও গুলো দেখলে বুঝতে পারবেন কোন পেজ গুলো টার্গেটিং করা উচিত।

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